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Our Writers for this 14th year:
Princess Pam
Pretty Jane (PJ)
Adorable Aletta
Dashing Don
Darling Darelynn/ DC
Snakecharmer Steve the Peon

Princess Pam writes:

Sitting in the cab of a big old United Van Lines truck is Aletta, PJ, Pam, Marti, Bev and Darelynn.  Pam has the map opened and says to the others…”Gosh!  It sure was cold when we left Illinois!  The temperature was right at 5, I hope it warms up soon.  Now, Let’s see,  Aletta, since you will be leading the way so the “Saints” won’t get us lost, again, see this route I’ve marked in RED?   According to the map we are roughly 300 plus miles from Steve’s place in Georgia to Jo’s front door in Moss Point, Mississippi!”  When I talked to Jo, she said, the plan was for us to meet with Steve, Danny, Paul Bunyan, Don and WHFDave at Steve’s farm.  They will have their own vehicle.  I hear mumbling from the back seat and I ask, “what did you say PJ?”  PJ says, “ Of course they will have their own vehicle!  They don’t think we know how to drive!”  “Yeah!” agreed Aletta. 
“Anyways, Pam says, the plan is for us to load up all Jo’s fragile treasures and special mementos.  Then we’ll zip right on over to Alabama and head due NW!  Waa Laa!  300 miles later we’ll be at her doorstep with her treasures!”  Easy-peasy!  No problems, not like the last time we went on safari with the “saints”.  In the back seat you can hear  grumbling and growls from the ladies.  None have forgotten!  The “saints” may never live that one down!  I don’t think we could ever let them.
Marti sits up and smiles,  “Hey look!  We made it to Steve’s farm in record time!  It sure feels good to be in the warmth…according to the thermometer it’s a balmy 70! OH MAN! What in the heck is that parked in front of the barn???!!!”  Bev takes a look and hoots with laughter,  Darelynn is laughing too. Aletta is shaking her head and Pam can’t believe her eyes! 
 PJ, jumps out of the truck and says, ”Steve!  You explain yourself and right now!  (in her most schoolmarm voice)”….Steve looks up into PJ’s big green eyes and says,” Now, PJ, you know how things sort of just happen?...Well, Danny thought how much fun it would be to have the Red-Neck Hillbilly Band playing some Sweet Home Alabama…for Jo, you know, to sort of put her in the moving mood?   PJ, just think how happy Jo will be when we get there!…and then Don said How about some of the Spring Break Girls Gone Wild??...well, that was just right up my alley!.. And then we……..
PJ looks around then slowly directs her full attention on the “saints” “ Okay NSBS, where ARE the girls?  What did you DO with them?  Eat ‘em???!! “   Danny, Don, Paul, WHF and Steve all look at each other (as if the answer is printed on one of their foreheads)..PJ says, “ Just as I thought you guys couldn’t get any of them girls here on a farm that is half swamp and all still!”  The dejected look on the “saints” faces says it all…they are sad because PJ hit the nail square on the head and upset because they KNOW the plan was almost…almost foolproof. 
Marti comes to the boys defense!  Maybe just maybe.. ”say, Bev!  Between the two of us we can get the back of our moving van more, eh, more inviting and maybe we can get the girls to come just to hear the band!”  Bev says,” let’s fix the “saints” up so they look a wee bit more like directors, producers and find some cameras so the girls will be impressed with the whole deal!”  Darelynn says,” well, they would look a whole lot better if they had something on other than cammo, T-shirts with beer slogans, muck boots and  red suspenders!   
Pam sighs…”so much for easy-peasy”……Bev shouts,  “Everyone!  Load up and get in the vans!  We have to make a stop at Wal-Mart!  Just need a few things so the guys will be stylin’ and we might find some “girls gone wild” right there at your own Wal-Mart!”...........OFF THEY GO!!!  READY OR NOT!  MZ. JO…HERE WE COME!!!!!!!

Adorable Aletta writes

The saints follow the angels into Walmarts where each were given an armload of duds to try on.. Pam directs the boys to dressing rooms but there was only three.. Pam says four of you will have to share a dressing room. Steve's hurries and says.. I have dibs on one by myself. The boys people race to the doors of the rooms.. Steve makes it in one and shuts the door behind him.. Danny, Paul Bunyan went into one dressing room and Don and WHFDave in another. PJ says, I think Pam Bev and I can watch these boys while the rest of you girls go find some decent shoes for them and they take off to the shoe department. Meanwhile, noise with mumbling was coming out of the rooms except for Steve who had one to himself. PJ knocks on his door and ask if he is ok.. There was no answer. She knocks again and tries the door... It is locked and she yells for Steve to unlock the door this moment.. Steve whimpering voice says 'do I haf' to'.. Bev in her most firm voice sayd.. Mr. Steve Burns, Open this door this instant if you know what is good for you... They hear a click and the door slowly opens. Steve is standing just inside as the girls look at him.. Pam says WOW, while PJ and Bev have looks of amazement on their face.. There stood the once hillbilly looking Steve stood all gustied up looking like an executive who walked out of one of big glass and steel building downtown New York City. Steve is mumbling under his breath.. I wouldn't be caught dead in these duds if it wasn't for being more scared of PJ. This then there was a BANG, then a BOOM as voices behind the other doors could be heard.. Than with a loud crash a door flings open and Paul and Danny fall out of the room on the floor. Danny was to put on the blue-gray slacks and Paul Bunyan was to put on the darker blue slacks. Pam says, we can't hold this against them, after all the dressing rooms are little.. Then the other door opens and out comes Don and WHF Dave just as the other girls arrive with dress shoes.. All the girls and even Steve was shaking their head. Steve was holding back laughter as long as he could.. He started laughing, the girls started laughing.. as the other boy people look at each other.. Paul and Danny was laying on the floor Danny had one leg in the blue gray slacks and the other in the darker blue ones, the real problem was, So did Paul Bunyan.. Bev and Pam has picked out handsome slacks and Polo shirts for the guys.. Don was to wear the solid blue paints with the pin stripe Polo shirt, Dave was to were the pin striped pants with the solid Polo shirt..but Dave had on both solid pants and shirt and Don had on both strips. Marti says, my my.. no matter how old boy people get some still need help dressing correctly.. Aletta says, "Jo would understand that, she has to dress Bob everyday, find his socks, pants and shirts... If she didn't lay out his socks he would go sockless'.. PJ says.. I guess we will have to supervise them better.. Danny you and Paul bunyan get up and take your legs out of the pants.. Than Bev you and Marti make sure they get the right sets and send Danny in first then Paul Bunyan.. Aletta you and Darelynn do the same with Dave and Don... Steve I want you to...Everyone looks for Steve who has wondered off and no where in site. Oh boy, isn't that just like him, to wonder off, we should have put a leach on him. Pam says I bet I know where he went... So PJ and Pam head toward the outdoor sports department...leaving the rest to make sure the hillbilly boys get all dolled up into respectful city folk attire. After some time, the girl people had managed to get the boy people fixed up looking like real classic looking gents. Marti went out gathering girl people for the 'Girls Gone Wild'.. Darelynn said, I know what they need and took off.. She came back moments later with Fedoras caps which she put one each of the guys. Darelynn said LOOK.. as we looked we seen a large lady with shorts on that were three sizes too small with the words HOT STUFF written on the back side. She had a halter top on also... Pam said, Where is Marti.. She should get that girl for Girls Gone Wild.. All the angels laughed so hard we had to go to the bathroom.. Taking turns so the boys wouldn't be left alone to get into mischief.

Meanwhile in the hunting section, Steve had purchase all sorts of things.. Camo face paint, hunting and camping gear of all kinds was being bagged as PJ walks up behind him and taps him on the shoulder. He turns around and explains to PJ that they need this stuff he purchase in case they break down. Steve said, you will be thanking me then for the warm sleeping bags, jerky and other survival stuff I just picked up.. PJ said.. Ok.. but come on.. Pam said, you can't run around without any shoes.. DC has them back at the dressing rooms.. Steve asked in a sweet quiet voice, will you help me get my purshases to the truck? PJ said, as she looks at the few bags on the counter. Sure hand me one, Pam said me too. Steve said.. Not thoes, we can put them in one of these as he points to three heaping full shopping carts of merchindice he purshased. Pam says, For Pete's sake Steve, we don't need all to that stuff.. PJ said, Forget it Pam.. You won't win that arguement. Just grab a cart and let get the others and see if we can pick up some party girls for the band to play for when we get to Jo's and Bob's. We have a long drive ahead of us..

Just as all the girls and fancy dressed boy people make it back to the moving truck they see Pam and PJ handing Steve his 'survival' needs as he loads them in the back.. Don looks and sudenly screams..........


Dashing Don writes

yeowwwww, i have to keep that phone off vibrate as he pulls it out of his back pocket, was not expect that he grins. ALLOW  as he listens intently on the phone, OH that not a real problem, we probably wont be there for days the way this is going so far.
as he hangs and the phone and puts in his shirt pocket (NO SUPRISES) he tells the group a local weather spotter says they just issued a tornado watch for the area they will be driving through later this evening.
then he makes his way up to the truck and starts rearrange what everyone has loaded putting all the weather stuff near the back so IF WE NEED IT it will be easily accessible. and he asks, where is the HINEY SHINY, since i am not driving my be time to imbibe in a little recreational hydration.
the “ANGELS” look disgusted, but Danny and Steve think that might be a good idea and the other guys agree and promptly hand PJ the keys for her to drive
as he goes around the side of the truck and disappears every one hears a very subdued UH OH........

PJ ( Pretty Jane ) writes

"Good Grief!!!!  I thought this was just going to be a two day turn-around trip to Jo''ve stocked up enough stuff for a 3 week camping trip; what's going on here???"  Don has a look on his face like he's being kidnapped for an indeterminate amount of time, and he's about to either faint or throw a hissy fit!
 "It's ok, Don", says PJ, "it's just Steve over-preparing again. You know what a nervous Nellie he is! We'll try to keep him in line..notice, I said TRY!!" We finally get Don calmed down, Steve all loaded up, rounded up the rest of the spiffy looking guys, got them in their vehicle, and hit the highway. 
 We decided to let the guys take the lead with us girls following them. (That way, we'll know where they are and can keep an eye on them!! They do have a tendency to wander off by themselves if they're not watched closely!) PJ is reminding the girls how the guys royally screwed up our trip out West a couple of years ago, and the trouble we had getting them pointed in the right direction!  While she's telling them the story, they are passed by a huge tanker truck. On the side it said "Indigo Dye for Levis". Just as it reaches the half-way point between us and the guys, it hits a patch of black ice under the snow and starts skidding and fishtailing. PJ stops talking, points and screams, "The guys!!!!"  Just as the tanker is abreast of the guys truck, the tanker tips to the right..the lid pops open..and all of us start screaming (as if they could hear us!!), "Look out, guys, look out!!" Too late...the indigo dye, gallons and gallons of it, spills all over Steve's truck and since they had their windows cracked for fresh air, the spill enters the inside as well!!! Steve's windshield wipers can't cut through the dye; they just smear it all over, so he quickly and safely pulls over to the side of the highway.  The tanker by now has righted itself and continues on its way, unaware of what's happened.  We pull up behind the guys and all of us run to see if they're alright!  We hear Bev say, "EEWWW!! I have blue splashed all over my new white tenny runners!! EEWWW!!" Marty thinks her shoes look really cool in blue, and Darelynn says nothing, just keeps running to Steve and the guys. She gets to the driver's side window, peeks in, and starts laughing hysterically. The rest of us are yelling, "What's going on...are they ok??" By that time, the rest of the women have reached the spot where Darelynn is doubled over in giggles. We pull the door open....and shrieks of hilarity come from all of them!! PJ said ( gasping for breath between snorts of laughter), "What we have here, Ladies, is a truck full of SMURFS!!! Hahahahahahaha! They are all BLUE from head to toe!" 


Pam, Marty and Bev are trying to hold each other up through gales of laughter..PJ, Aletta and Darelynn are holding their aching sides, but the laughter doesn't stop. The guys are, understandably, not seeing the humor in all of this and are pretty darned irritated at all of us for our hilarity at their expense. Then Steve turns to look at Don and Danny and Paul and sees how ridiculous they look, pulls the rear view mirror around to look at himself and just groans, long and loud! Paul looks soooo adorable with his blue beard and hair...Don and Danny are not amused that their pretty new clothes now look like head to toe Levis (which they'd rather be wearing anyway!) PJ can't resist teasing Paul a little bit, by saying "I thought Paul Bunyan had a big blue OX..not that he was himself blue." That starts the girls laughing even harder. PJ adds, to Paul, "Guess we'll stop calling you Paul Bunyan and call you 'Papa Smurf' til all the blue wears away."  Then, even while laughing, she backs away from the fierce, unsmiling look Paul throws at her.  Darelynn asks Steve if, in all that stuff he bought at WalMart, he got turpentine. He nods his head yes, not wanting to speak to the ladies at all! She and Aletta climb in the back of the truck to find the turpentine and something that can be used for rags to remove the dye from the windshield and maybe from the guys too. Aletta says "Here, all these camo tee shirts will work for rags!" And off they go to try to repair some of the damage. Then we hear girly screams from the cab of the truck...."NOOOOOO, not our cammies!!!", but it's too late because half the windshield has already been cleaned, and a couple more of the tee shirts have been saturated with turpentine and handed to the guys to work on themselves with.  Just then, a patrol car pulls up in front of Steve's truck with his 'bubblegum' machine lights going, and...................


Steve Writes

Well I look over and tell Danny to get the trucks paper work out before the officer gets to the truck. Danny opens the glove box and out falls a big ole .44 magnum and a pint of good ole Mississippi Shine. Danny says dang Steve and him and Paul/Dave start scambling to hide the shine and lil ole gun. Just as they got all hid the officer got to the window of the truck, but before he can ask for the paper work, he bust out in so much laughter that he is having to hold on to the truck. Steve says what is wrong sir, but the officer can't control himself. 'Bout that time them silly girls have gotten to the truck and all them are talking a one time so no one knows what is being said. Silly girls.
Bev says " ok ladies be quite so I can explain to the officer what happen but before Bev says anything the officer takes another look and says, Well I'll be, I ain't never saw a truck load of Smufs before. He is looking over at Paul/Dave and says there is Papa Smurf. Well Paul/Daves face most likely turned red but you couldn't tell with all the Blue on it.
Finally the girls get their story told and the officer says well have a safe trip and we are off again to Lady Jo and Bob's new home.
Steve looks over at Danny and says gimmie that shine. Don says no way you ain't gonna be dranking while driving. Steve says I ain't gonna drank it, gonna use it to get this blue stuff off.Steve found a rag under the seat and takes the bottle of shine and well he does take a small sip and then pours some on the rag. Steve says this is gonna hurt to waste this stuff but it will clean us up. He begins to wipe all the blue off and hands the bottle to the rest of the boys to use. Don is the last to use the shine and it was just enough to clean up with.
Now the girls are honking the horn wanting us to pull over so Danny says pull over up here at the gas station so we can all take a break and get some nabs to eat.
So we pull up to the station and pile out to take a break. All them silly girls surround us wanting to know how we got the blue off us. WHF Dave says that is our secret. Bev just shrugs and says to Marti, Aletta, PJ. Pam, and DC (Darelynn)lets get something to eat so we can get back on the road.

Darling DC (Darelynn) writes

We all go into the restaurant part of the gas station, and while we were trying to order, it becomes obvious that the guys had gotten into the moonshine somehow because they were being obnoxious and giving the waitress a hard time.  Steve was whistling at her and checking her out....making her feel very uncomfortable, Danny was grumbling and using inappropriate language because the food wasn't coming fast enough.  Paul and Dave couldn't even sit up in their seats....just kept falling all over each other.  When PJ saw Danny go for his gun, she decided it was time to act.  She grabbed his wrist, and smiled at the waitress while batting her eyes, explaining that it was just a toy, and you know how men like to play with their toys.

Us girls were being our sweet selves, (as usual) and covering up for all the bad things the guys did.  After we finished eating and the guys were done belching,  Aletta decided that if we didn't get moving pretty soon, Jo was going to start worrying.  So just as we all got up to leave, Aletta and Pam looked out the window and screamed, "Look at that!"  The trees were swaying back and forth, and so were the trucks!!!    Marti said, "Okay shopped for emergencies...what have you got in those bags that can help us now?...any anchors to hold us down in the wind?"  Steve looked up at her with glossy eyes...(does Steve have any other kind?lol)...and was about to speak and then passed out in his chair....

Adorable Aletta writes

....... a strong gust of wind blows the door open.  Marti runs to try to close the door when one of the 'girls gone will' (with the multi colored hair wearing zebra striped leggins and pink pot-a-dots bra like top) rushed to the door.  She was a tall gal and was big enough to stand in front of the door way to stop the wind.  Pam looks around and yells "where is our weather man Don? He can tell us what to do now." Bev is looking out the window and answers "Look" pointing to the trucks.  Steve comes alive from his sleepy state as he sees Don floating above one of the trucks. Don had tied himself to with a harness and rope.  "Dang, I am going out there, that looks like fun" Steve exclaimed as he headed for the door.  Danny, Paul and WHF Dave was right on his heels, mumbling that they are not going to miss out either.  , yells, "Hang on guys, here she comes".


Darelynn can't believe that being a human kite could be considered fun.    PJ says, "and they think we are silly" as she shakes her head.  Then the winds die down a bit and the pink pot-a-dot with zebra stripped legs falls outward.   Paul, being the gentleman he is,  extended his hand to help her up  and her weight pulled him on top of her.  Danny yells, "Hang on Paul, we will help you."  The other "girls gone wild" that Marti wrangled from Walmart, all went to help also. 
 Danny, Paul, Steve and WHF Dave pulled Paul from the 'zebra legged' girl's arms loose from him.  She held on to him, saying "you are so cute with that beard, I just love mountain men." Paul tells her that he likes her beard too but he is happily married.  The boys run out and each grabs a harness and they tie themselves with ropes to lamp poles and whatever they could.  WHF Dave said " Did you guys see the girl dressed in suede and fur? she was winking at me!"  Paul answered "I seen her, but what was that on her nose, a stud piercing or a wart?"  Steve said he thought it was a stud because she was covered with piercing. Steve says, "I am glad we made it out of that danger, did you see the girl dressed in shorts with the back cheeks cut out batting her eyes at me and she pinched my shinny hiney."  Danny said, "boyz, that was close wasn't it? I never been so scared in my life! But we made it out of that deadly danger, now lets hope that tornado that Don said is coming gets here before them there 'Girls Gone Wild' come out here."  Paul said "we should have told Marti to wrangle girls that fit into a size 2 to 6 not 22 and 26 clothing.  But what can you expect, she was at Walmart not at a college." 
Don is looking at some kind of gizmo and just as the wind was picking up again he yells, "Hang on guys, here she comes".

PJ ( Pretty Jane ) writes

PJ, never too interested in meteorology, notices something ‘funny’, and speaks up (loudly..over the screeching and roaring of the wind!), “Don, I don’t believe this is a tornado; I think it’s the leftovers from a hurricane!! If you’ll notice, it’s blowing SE to NW rather than SW to NE like tornadoes usually do (don’t they????)  and I’ve had a brilliant thought!!  Since the trucks are holding their own against the wind and they’re facing due South, and since the wind is blowing to the NW, and since we need to GO NW to get to Jo and Bob’s new about we turn the trucks around and head out with this terrific tail-wind at our backs?? Look at the gas usage we’d save, and we’d probably get to Jo’s an hour or two quicker than we would ordinarily.....whaddya think, Gang???”  Don speaks up and says, “You know, that just might work!!! I’m willing to give it a ‘bout the rest of you?”  Danny, Steve, and WHF Dave, a little disappointed that they won’t get to wind surf like Don is doing, but anxious to get this moving done and get back home to their wives, agree that it’s worth a try. Pam, Aletta, DC all agree as well, being daring little critters, but Bev and Marty hold back. Bev says, “Ohhhh, I’d like to get to Jo’s quickly too but I’m so afraid of wind..besides, we’d have to keep the windows rolled up or my hair will blow all over the place!!!”  Marty, who’s a bit more used to wind..being from up North in the flat-lands where there’s nothing to divert heavy winds..cautiously says, “Ok, if the rest of you vote to go, I’ll throw in with you, but I don’t have to like it!!”  PJ mentions that, as in a tornado, the windows would have to be rolled down a little bit to make the wind pressure more equal, inside and out. That way, the trucks will be working with the wind, rather than resisting and tempting the winds to knock us six ways from Sunday!
PJ thinks to herself, ‘Since the “Girls Gone Wild” are equal to half a herd of elephants in weight, if we divide them between Steve’s truck and ours, that’ll provide us each with the ballast we need to stay upright on the road!’  Not wanting to hurt the GGW’s feelings, PJ gets the guys in a huddle and makes that suggestion, and it’s well received! Danny says, “We’ve got some heavy duty tarps..thanks to Steve’s over-spending at WalMart!..and we could cover the gals up with those to protect them from possible flying objects as well as the rain/snow/sleet..whatever the storm throws at us.”  WHF Dave and Paul, being the quiet gentle souls of the group, agree that it’s a good plan and say, “High five..let’s do it!”
After filling up with gas, purchasing snacks and drinks (NON-alcoholic!!!!) to take on the road, tying the “little” Girls Gone Wild safely in their nests, the trucks hit the pavement!  At first, it’s a bit difficult to make the trucks obey the drivers rather than the helter-skelter effects of the wind, but Danny’s driving the guys’ truck and he’s used to wrangling tanks, and PJ, who’s used to wild Tennessee drivers ...many of whom get their drivers license from Cracker Jack boxes; if they even have one!!!... takes the wheel of the girls’ truck and off they go.  The wind is so strong that Danny and PJ barely have to touch the accelerators, and soon they’re moving speedily toward Jo’s new home. “Wheeee!” say the girls in unison, “This is kinda fun!!”
Suddenly, the girls see Ms. Zebra-Stripe/Pink Polka Dot open the back door of Steve’s truck and DC says, “Nooooo! What is she DOING?”   Seems Zebra stripes just wanted to spit out her wad of tobaccy, but the wind is sooo strong that not only does the icky tobacco blow back in her face, but it picks her up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloon, and she’s screaming as she heads NW at 140 mph!!!  Aletta says, “Oh brother, now she’ll be at Jo’s before we will!!! Bummer!!!”
Pam turns to Aletta and says........... 

Princess Pam writes:

So much for easy-peasy! As she throws the clipboard and map to the wind.  Don calls back on the walkie-talkie NSBSteve bought at W-M and says, I just heard from Jo.  She’s gone on to her new home and is expecting us for supper.  It’s 06:30, we should make it with this tailwind in plenty of time.  Marti says “that’s a 10-4” into the walkie-talkie and signs off.  DC looks out at the fast passing scene and says, Is that something we have to worry about?  As we all turn our heads to look, Bev screeches “Oh MY GOSH!  That’s my ‘bag of tricks’!  What am I gonna do without my bag?  Pam laughs and says…you’ll have to get a new one.  Look it’s caught in that tree and we are traveling at 193 MPH …just not enough breaks in the world to stop for that bag now.  We’ve been on the road for a little more than an hour and as we look around we notice that the trees are changing, the wind has lessened and we are within miles of Jo’s new home.  Pam calls to Marti to tell the guys we need a pit stop at the rest area ahead.  As we pull in the sun starts to shine.  Marti is whispering to DC…I think we should find somewhere to send the GGW back home.  DC smiles her biggest smile and says…Leave it to me!  Laughs and opens the back door to let out GGW, polka-dots, rainbow fairy, flower child and Maisey who seems to be the leader of the group.  DC gets the men to let the GGW out of their truck and all head into the rest stop to…er…powder their noses.  The girls, Aletta, PJ, Marti, DC, Pam and Bev run to pick up some soda and meet the boy peoples out by the trucks…Aletta did a double-take and almost gave herself whip lash when sees the boys coming out of the rest stop door.  There they are in all their resplendent glory…THE SAINTS…dressed in their Sunday best!  Bright Hawaiian shirts with huge flowers plastered all over!  Cammo shorts, sunglasses, hats and flip-flops!  WHFDave, smiles his shy smile and says,  Let’s get to Jo’s she’s waiting for us!  Bev is holding back laughter, as tears roll down her cheeks.  We run to the trucks and Aletta yells, Follow me!  We get out of there without a hitch…except for Mz. Zebra running after us in her 8inch spiked heels.  Not a chance in H377 she’ll catch us!  All the girls are laughing at that sight!!!


In less time than anyone expects we are on the road entering Jo’s property.  Ahead we see a sweet, warm, welcoming yellow house complete with wrap-around porch…Jo and Bob are sitting on the porch with mint juleps in hand.  Jo stands up and says, Welcome to our home! What………..then she does a double-take when the boy peoples step out in their rainbow array of finery.  What the heck!?  How’d you girls get those guys to dress up????  What a wonderful housewarming gift!  I couldn’t ask for anything I would want more than to see my guys dressed up!  Jo tears up and then says,  Okay girls, want to see the house?  You boys make yourself at home with Bob while I show the girls my special place. 


A few hours later we are still sitting by the fire in the fireplace, quiet talk all around.  Jo and Pam are talking quietly in the corner.  Pam says, Jo!  We are finally doing what we laughed about 14 years ago!  You know, moving a few  miles north and me moving a few miles south until we meet in the middle.  Jo smiles and says, Yep, took us long enough!  Just think in another five to ten years we may even be in the same state!  We both laugh and remember our times, our stories and the many happy days we’ve spent online together.  We remember our fallen but never forgotten members who helped start this group, the ones who made it possible for many to find help where they needed it and the five original members who are still there at VWF but more behind the scenes now days as life has taken us in so many different directions. 


Jo and the girls go outside to join the men folk around the roaring bonfire.  NSBSteve pulls out his emergency jug of shine and we all fill our cups to toast another year and the loss of our friend Betty Davis who helped so many and is so very missed around the campfire today.   Mr. Perry who kept us smiling with his warm gentle voice, who will be missed forever by many of us. 

 As we lift our glasses we toast the memory of our valiant men who fight against the demons that followed them home from war, the women who love and keep their mates close, the men and women who support all our troops, most of all,  we toast the closing of another story and VWF that they have another fourteen years filled with love, help and friendship.


Happy Fourteenth Anniversary Vets, Wives and Family!

 God bless and keep this good place alive and growing stronger each and every year!