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In Memory of Jim Talley

Husband, Father, Veteran and Friend

a living tribute

in honor of a truly special man

Jim Talley


Tour of Duty ,Vietnam 



Here's the family. 

 Jessica and brother Jonathon with their parents Jennifer and Jim

Meet  Jim

To know Jim is to love him. A spiritual fun loving all round wonderful man.
Jim was drafted into the Army in 1968. He was sent to Vietnam in 1969-1970. attached to the 23rd Med.Bn. at LZ Mud , Chu Lia the AMERICAL DIV. Jim and his wife Jennifer will soon celebrate a silver anniversary. They have 2 children.  Jim has many interests....hard to keep that man still for very long at a time. He loves to entertain by performing magic tricks and is known to many of his friends as Magic Jim. Roller skating, Bass fishing, and writing are more of what keeps Jim moving and enjoying life.
Jim is a warm, gentle man with a deep desire to help his fellow veterans. Always ready to assist which often times found him counseling in an effort to help get a brother or sister through some of the hard times. He is a friend to anyone he meets and is
very much involved with veterans issues. As co-founder of the only chartered Vietnam Veterans groups in his home state of Ms "The American Vietnam Veterans Of Mississippi" For 10 years Jim sat on The Board of directors. He wrote a newsletter, was the POW/MIA Chairman, Agent Orange Chairman, and Membership Chairman. During that time he also had a radio talk show for a while called the "Veterans Forum."
You are our hero Jim and we HONOR and SALUTE you!!!

 If you would like to honor Jim with a brief message to be posted,...send to me by clicking on the email address below.

Veterans Wives & Families 

Messages For Jim

Looking back when I first met Jim Talley through email messages.....I noticed that he had little to say in the beginning but his words were always inspiring, encouraging and supportive for everyone. As time went on many friendships resulted and the wit, charm and humor that is Jim came to the surface.. Regardless of whatever his own circumstances are he continues to lean on faith and keep a positive attitude. Jim you are truly remarkable! When I've read your posts and come to the last line, I know there will be a smile waiting there....."Ah, what a day" or "If you see someone who needs a smile....give him yours"  Blessings and hugs my friend.  

 Jo Brandt