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Veteran Wives & Families takes pride in recognition of Betty Davis and PJ Perry


Betty Davis March 2001- 4/24/2013 passed

P.J. Perry March 2002

What is an HONORARY VETERAN?  It is the ultimate highest honor that may be bestowed on a non-veteran.  There are only  5 at this time and their unfaltering loyalty, devotion  and dedication to veterans has earned them this distinction.   Each was individually selected by veterans of the internet.   They were presented this elite and most  prestigious honor by Doc Stewart, who is highly respected and known by many for his ability to spot excellence among those who support veterans and their causes.

These ladies have been instrumental time and time again in aiding veterans and their families in many ways.  Their support and determination  can not be over emphasized nor go unnoticed.   When it comes to the many complex issues that stand before our veterans, Betty and PJ have drawn on their combined energy and caring and  much has been accomplished.  They have assisted  in getting VA claims filed and finalized, and have helped to remove some of the obstacles  that stood in the path of resolution with their advice and direction..

We Salute and acknowledge you, as do the veterans of the internrt  Sister Betty and Sister PJ

Other Honorary Veterans are:

Ron Fleischer

Laura Phillips

Nikki Mendicino