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Fun Pages

  Our Fun Pages   

Happy Birthday

Veterans Wives & Families


Funny how it all began....
In the beginning...well maybe not quite that far back ...when VWF was in its
infancy, with just a few members at that time, some of us had exhausted every topic
of conversation we could think of and were by then in a very
light-hearted down right silly mood. 
In order to entertain ourselves, we began putting together a silly
story to go with our light-hearted, silly mood.. A story that would take us on a fun
adventure....not knowing what surprises or mysteries might unfold just ahead or where
they might lead us. Each person in turn would create a paragraph or two and then someone
else would follow by adding their own twists and turns. 
I must say we had tons of fun and plenty of talent and imagination onboard. That first story
was the start of what has become a tradition. Each year in celebration of the anniversary
of Veterans, Wives & Families, we put our heads together and travel through time and 

 Our Stories

Our First Year As the Story Turns

Third Year Chicago Story

Fifth Year The Old West

Seventh Year Journey To Scotland

Ninth Year...FARGO

11th Year-The Disney Adventure Continues

13th Year Great American Hot Air Balloon Race

15th year...South American Adventure

Second Year Mission Impossible

Fourth Year Mars

Sixth Year Jungle Safari

Eighth Year Cross Country

10th year..Our Disney Trip

12th Year Search for Bigfoot

14th year Moving Bob and Lady Jo to Northwest Alabama

In fact we enjoyed these antics so much that we also wrote a story for Halloween.  To vist the mansion just click on the link below...if you dare!!!

The Lemp Mansion