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Meet The Family

Members Only

When this page was made years ago some of the ones here have passed on or have other medical issues and may not be on group anymore.


I am just a humble ole southern veteran from the Deep South that fought in the Northern Aggression and am  just about used up! Georgia is where I was born and it is where I live now, born in the swamps and raised by a good Christian Mom and Dad. He was a Baptist Preacher for over 50 years…see that is why I am so good- yes Saint Steve. LOL I really forgot how old I am but was told that I was born in 47, but I don’t remember that and it could be just a hear say…LOL

Always the Good,  



I live In IL …I have three kids, 1 son and 2 girls. My son is 37, and girl 33 and the other is 29. I was in the Navy for 4 years. I like to fish, hunt, and camp and maybe chase the women when Judy’s not looking! LOL


My name is Catherine (Cat) Johns, 54 yrs. Old; married to Larry, a retired Air Force NCO and former Ranch Hand for two tours in Vietnam, and AO victim. We live in west central South Dakota, along the Missouri River Bluffs…in a cow pasture miles from anything. I am Mom to 15, Granny to 7, #8 coming. Love them all, but miss the noise of having everyone at home…very quiet with just Papa and myself. We’re like chickens, when it gets dark we mill around the kitchen for a few minutes, then go to bed. We get up extremely early, so it all works out! I do my best to keep informed of AO issues, and world news. Was a nurse in surgical units for over 30 years of and on, but am "home" now, although still keep up with new technology. I love quilting, baking, cooking, reading, crocheting, Rottweilers, kids, cows, gardening and am really into "self-sufficiency" and going back to the simple of my main passions. Oh yes, my husband is number #1 on this list!!! I love having friends, and have maintained contact with many for almost 40 years. I love knowing about other folks, and hope to build some great relationships on this site.

Cat Johns (Mrs. Larry Johns)

Fort Pierre, SD



Aletta Jeannette Drummond age ‘young in Sprit’ Married to loving husband, Clarence W. Drummond who is a Vietnam Vet 68-69. We live in central Missouri along the Missouri River. We love outdoors, hunting, camping, fishing, and gardening. Clarence suffers from PTSD, with hypertension, lupus, and other health problems. He is still a loving and tender man (most of the time). He hates computers…lol. Clarence has two children and 5 grandchildren. I have 2 children and one adult daughter is mentally handicapped with Autism. 


I live in St. Louis Mo. Have one son ten going on 30. I know…I know…Old enough to be Gramps, but just a Dad. The branch of the service I was in was U.S. Air FARCE (not misspelled) My Hobbies are Fishin,’ Fishin’ Fishin’..Raising Cain on the Internet, taking pictures of David (my son), re-learning guitar. (Any requests?)

The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter—it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. (Letter to George Bainton, 10/15/1888 – Mark Twain. In other words….Thank GOD for spell check! I need it.  Joe   


I live in Eugene, Oregon and have two sons; older son retired Air Force, currently Civil Service at Sheppard AFB, TX, F-16 instructor; younger son Fire Chief in Ketchikan, AK. Three beautiful granddaughters; ages 19, 17 and 16. My son was USAF, Husband was Army, Father was Navy WWII, Uncle Navy WWII/Korea, 2 nephews, 1 niece USMC. I love computers, book, flowers, knitting/crocheting and vets and friends! I livd 20 years in Ketchikan, AK…I love Alaska! Had to return to Oregon due to employment, and my mom who is 85. Betty    


Me and my wife Lynn live in the hills and stills of West Virginia. We have three children, and one that passed away and 10 grandkids. I was Army, (at least that is what they say, I never did say "I do" Hobbies include, computers and causing trouble here and they. I have very little to say most of the time, but I’m very opinionated on subjects such as immigration, Muslims, the war in Iraq and few other things. Danny     


I’m PJ Perry. I live in the beautiful foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, outside of Newport UN….just a hop and skip from the North Carolina border. We were both born in central Il, but when Norm got out of the Navy on medical discharge, we fulfilled our dream of living in the Sought. We live in a log house on 7 acres and love watching the deer, raccoons, wild turkeys, and yep, possums too, come into our yard unafraid. My husband is a veteran of the USMC and the USN; our three sons were also servicemen two in the Marine Corps and one in the Navy. Our daughter just stayed home and gave us 4 beautiful grandkids!! All totaled we have 12 grandkids, and 5gr-grandkids.

We struggled with the VA for 15 years to get my husband’s 100% disability, and when it finally came through, life got a teeny bit easier for us, financially. I then had a chance to work for a County Service Officer, and I learned so much from him about helping our veterans, and my course was set!! I became the Service Officer for the DAV chapter (not legitimate because I’m not a veteran, which the bylaws require), and was able to put my acquired knowledge to work for the good of our veterans. I am now certified DAV Department Service Officer…have been doing it for 12 years or so, and never tire of the fighting the VA for my vets! It’s an ongoing earning process, and I’m eager to learn anything I can that will get the veterans what they’ve earned by serving our country. I love our family on VWF and have made many, many lifetime friends through our emails and phone calls. I hope the experience of being part of this family brings you the joy and knowledge  that it has for me! PJ     


Hi, I’m Pam. My retired Army hub and I live in Illinois. We have one super son, a fantastic DIL, and of course, two darling grand daughters. There are many things I like to do, read, sew, sew costumes for the grand daughters, pain, camp fish, sightsee, bake and have people over for dinner. Right now, I’m right in the middle of writing and illustrating several stories a friend send me for my grand children. I thought that would be a great gift for them and their (future) children. My DH likes to go on fishing trips. He and a friend usually go for three or four days every few months. It sure is a good de-stressor! He was in the service for thirty years. He has worked for the government forever it seems. He likes what he does and I’m happiest when he is happy. We’ve been married since January 1973 and we are still trying to get it right! LOL 




I live in Connecticut and have sixteen children and thirty three grandchildren. (I have six boys and five girls and David has three girls and two boys – I have nineteen grandchildren and David has fourteen grandchildren) My Dad was in the Navy Seabees, WWII; my husband was in the Marines, Vietnam (two tours, two Purple Hearts); my son Jim is in the Army, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom (been in twenty-two years); my son Dan is in the Marines, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom (been there thirteen years). I am not in the service, but I have started the first Chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America in Connecticut (Connecticut Blue Star Mothers) and am the President, that VAVS for CT and the National Blue to Gold Representative for our State. My hobbies include music (play the piano, organ, flute, drums), birds (have parakeets, dove and canary) I also Pastor two churches with my husband David – am also the organist for both churches – have two international ministries – have a clown ministry – and we have two weekly local TV programs. Lin   


I live in Mississippi and don’t have any children. I was in the US Navy and my hobbies are weather, ham radio and computers and rc planes. I’m very much involved in Homeland Security and Border Security. Just see my signature line and you have it all.     My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am.   Don 


This is Rosemary checking in.

I currently live in Virginia, born and raised in Phila Pa. I gave birth to 6 children, 4 Boys, 2 Girls; two sons deceased; 18 grandchildren. I am a Widow of a Marine Corps veteran. He died of cancer in 1997. I served my husband and country faithfully during his time…then went on to other people and things. My hobbies include Genealogical Research, my Computer..but since I fell 18 months ago, and do not get around much anymore, some reading, crosswords and MAHJONG and COLLAPSE 3. I would like people to know my Dad was a Vet and a Cop; my husband was a Vet and a Cop, and my last male friend was a VET and a COP. Does anyone see a pattern here? I am a Redskins and Eagles fan but do not kmow a thing about football; love Baseball and Basketball and don’t know too much about them either. In other words I am an "OLDIE but GOODIE", almost sick and shut in and trying to make the most of everyday in every way I can. My Motto for living; It could always be worse! Rosemary


I live in Ohio with my husband Ron.  We have one daughter and a great son-in-law.  No grand children .  Ron was in the Air Force.  My hobbies include reading and watching good movies.


I live in Minnesota and am mother of 2.  I have no military connections, except for my father and father-in-law.  I enjoy  Reading, supporting our military with mail and cookies, and killing any houseplant that has the misfortune to be brought into my house. I am married to Howard, we just had our 30th anniversary this past summer.  My two children are the love of our lives.  Our daughter moved out into her own apt. after getting out of college, and our son is in his first year of college.  Empty nesting is a wonderful  I am very active with Soldiers Angels.  I work in a kindergarten classroom as an aide.




I live in North Carolina.

I have two children and I'm the proud grandmother of two.

I wasn't in the service but my father was in the Air Force so I grew up as a military brat.

Being online and talking to my friends is my escape but my hobby and my biggest love is watching my grandchildren when my daughter is busy.

I do not post as often as I should because I've been working on an email campaign for those

American citizens who don't have health insurance.


We live in Washington
We have  2 Children
Hubby was Army for 12 and a half  years..
My hobbies and special interests are  Crochet, Church, Sewing, Leatherwork and Family

My name is Dave, I'm a retired USAF vet. I'm married to a wonderful woman named Marjorie (Margie). My wife and I and all of our family live here in Wisconsin. Together we raise horses go on trail rides, (we) including all of our family ride in our local parades, and recently two of our grand kids entered a horse show and won ribbons. Below is a link to my wife's web page were you can read a little more of our family ranch and view pictures of our horses. Just this past weekend 7 Oct 2006, we purchased a shetland pony for our grand kids to ride. The pony's name is Shadow because he follows you around.

I'm Carrie, and my husband's name is Mark.  I am an Air Force Veteran and Mark is recently retired from the Air Force after almost 24 years.  We now live in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, after spending 14 years in Tucson, Arizona.  

We have three kids, Julie, 12, Dalton, 11, and Tristan, 10.  I work as a cashier at our local Wal-Mart and in my spare time, work as a genealogy and adoption search angel.  We are very active in Scouting, both Boys and Girls.  

Done Rambling for now,   Carrie

My name is Debbie Epperly and I live in Kansas . Mom of 2 sons, 1 living. 3 grandchildren. 2 sons, one living, 3 grandchildren all from second son - 2 boys and a girl oldest is 4

I wasn't in the military, but Grandpa was Army (guard at Indiana Internment camp WWII), as was Uncle Wesley ( Drill Instructor, Ret), foster brother Larry John (airborn Viet Nam) & Husband (3 yrs at Ft Riley 77-80). Brother did 20 in the Navy and is a retired Chief, Son was killed while still in A-school at Great Lakes . Youngest son medically unfit for military duty.

I am Senior VP of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1158 and the district hospital chair.

I read everything I can get my hands on, having a complete collection of Heinlein, and Marion Zimmer Bradley with many other Sci-fi authors on hand, as well as historical fiction, and biographies, mysteries, fantasy, well, as I said everything! I cook, sew, crochet, collect music (but I stopped buying new stuff about 1978). I designed the house I'm living in, and my little brother built it. the fact that it is not yet finished is due to lack of funds for the rest of the building materials.

I am both an astrologer and a genealogist.

Not to mention onery enough to stir the pot just to get a good discussion going. Saying something outrageous just to get a rise is not at all out of character for me. blame that on my German grandmother, she loved a good argument and would take the opposing side whether she really believed anything she was saying or not.

I know more than I ever wanted abut ptsd, bi-polar and addiction thanks to my youngest son. But am extremely proud of him overcoming it and being a good dad to my three grandchildren.

We live on the end of a dead end road where it is safe to spank the children without nosy neighbors turning us in to the authorities because no one can see what goes on back here without actually coming down the drive 

My name is Dick Clarek Clare

I am married to my lovely wife Jane. On the 26th of October we will celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary. We live in Fort Myers, Florida. We have 3 Children, 7 Grandchildren and 3 Great Grandchildren

I am an 80 year young army veteran of World War 2.  Jane and I are both very active in our community. Being members of several organizations, we stay very busy attending meetings and other functions. I have many interests and hobbies. I enjoy writing, and am working on writing a book as  time allows.  Reading about military history, working with my computer and music are my passion.    Big Band Jazz and Swing, are favorites and I do enjoy playing the clarinet and sax, and also  early radio and tv, 40's through60's.                                     Dick

My name is Matt

I am from Michigan, and been with my wife Glenda for 20 years this month.  Glenda graduates with her BA next May. We have two boys; Nicholas, 18, a freshman at Georgia State who has also enlisted in theNnavy Reserve to become a SeeBee and Nathan, a High School Army JROTC cadet who is on the Drill Team, Rifle Tean and the Color Guard. My hobbies are political discussion and being a boring, yet stable family man! LOL! -Matt 


I live in Ms. with my retired sailor,  husband Bob.  I have 4 grown children,  2 daughters,  2 sons.  Lots of grandkids and 3 greats also.   My sons both joined  the army immediately following high school graduation, Steve is a career soldier still active and ready to head to  Iraq for a second tour of duty.  Lots of military service among my 5 brothers and I think just about every flavor was represented, lol....many years ago ofcourse.  My other son also served  in the army....and  my younger daughter was in the Navy.  I spend many hours every day doing what I can to help support our military veterans, active duty and their families.   I belong to several  groups and guess I can say this is my calling  and its what gives me much satisfaction


Ms. Gulfcoast is home, my wife is  Jo, known as list mom to some.  I have 3 grown children and their families that all live in the north.  I retired from the Navy in 2004. having served 30 plus years.   When I can find the time, I like to make homebrew (beer and wine) and try out new recipes.  I relax by playing some hunting and fishing computer games and the old standby solitaire.

I've been married to my High School sweet heart..Dave..for 37 years.  We were both born and raised in Michigan, but have lived in St Louis for 34 years.  We have three children,  two Sons and a Daughter.  What a wonderful Blessing she was after two boys!  The other joy in our life is our Grandson Jacob.  My Husband is a Vietnam Vet, class of 67-68.. 25th of the 22nd Inf. Div.  I believe in supporting our troops 100% no matter what your political opinion is.  My way of supporting  our troops is to collect letters of support and sending them off to Walter Reed or Landstuhl Military hospital in Germany.  My hobbies are decorating, gardening, loving my animals and genealogy when I have time for it.   I've been here with Jo since the beginning of the VWF group in 2000.  Bev 

Paul Bunyan
Hello, I'm called Paul Bunyan and live with my Princess Patti in the beautiful state of Maine.  A former Marine....husband, dad and grandpa.  I have seen much of the United States as Patti and I travel about visiting friends and other veterans enjoying the outdoors.  I am Crew Chief for the Freedom Flights which are hot air balloons to bring awareness to the POW/MIA'S in hopes they all will be remembered and returned home.   Paul B. 

I am a retired/disabled 100% S/C Vietnam Combat Marine Veteran,in as much I try to stay as busy as the above named "title" can be.I am a volunteer at my local VA Hospital,working in craft distribution to hospitalized Veterans of all Wars.I am an avid gardener in my yard,my specialty is loving most of my plants to death,lol!! But,I try my best.Otherwise,I am a Dad to 3 wonderful children!!!(I lost my wife and the Mother of my children on 10/21/81 to Agent Orange related cancer.Referred lovingly to as Penny,she is interned at Riverside National Cemetery)Denise 37 Y/O,,Mike Jr. 34 Y/O, and my last,but not least,Melanie who is 31 Y/O.Between my 3 "fruitful" children,I am blessed with 7 Grand-Children,Denise gave me David-16 Y/O and Klayton-8 Y/O.Mike Jr. Gave me Mike III-14 Y/O and Ashley 13 Y/O.Melanie gave me Cheyanne-9 Y/O,Jacob 7 Y/O and Alison,5 Y/O.I am married to Joena,and we will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary 11/05/06,and I "lucked out" on remembering her birthday,we were born in the same month AND the same day!The only difference is the year,I am 49,she is in!!I enjoy being a participant in the annual Veterans Wheelchair Games,this year we(Team Loma Linda,Ca.)went to Anchorage,Alaska.I challenged myself in the 10 kilometer hand-cycle race,all I can say is....I finished,whew!!! Every day is a blessing to me,thanks be to my Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ,for without Him,I would not be! I guess that's all folks!!    Mike little

I am Deb but go by Deb B since
there are always so many Debbie's. LOL
Dennis and I have been married for 15 years and lived together for 6 years
before that. We raised his two kids who are both out on their own now. That
leaves the two of us and one spoiled cat. Dennis is 57 and I am 46  Dennis
is a Vietnam Vet (Marine).
He lost his voice box in 1996 due to vocal chord cancer. He is a 100%  P&T
disabled vet due to Agent Orange. He works in maintenance at a local company
and has been there 32 years. We have a landscaping business since 1989 that
I run full time. I also sell on ebay and have started selling for other
people. We enjoy just being together. We do have a great group of friends
that  we have known for years and take turns getting together. We do almost
everything, auctions, yard saling, car shows, out for a beer, working
around the house etc. I am the computer person. He goes on occasionally but
that is it. I print out stuff for him to read and so he does keep up on mail
and info. I also enjoy the computer, reading, gardening and my house plants.
Deb B.

I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 46 years ago, I still live here. I am a single mum to 6 beautiful children. Steven 20, David 18, Kayleigh 17, Bruce 16. I had with my ex-husband.  Enya 11 and Shania 6 years. I had with an ex-boyfriend. I only have Enya & Shania at Home now so it is much quieter here these days, Lol.  I have been divorced since April 1996 and brought all 6 children alone without any financial or emotional help from either father. I gave up work just before I found out I was pregnant with Steven. I'm wanting to return to work now that my kids don't need me 24/7 and am doing some college courses to help me get back into full-time employment. I'm doing the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) Computer Course at the moment, and I'm also going to start 'Working for Families' course in Jan 2007, which has a work placement with the local Council which hopefully will lead onto permanent full time work. I have no Military connections whatsoever, but I do support both British and American Retired/Serving Servicemen/women/ K9 Units 110%. I have 3 American Servicemen currently Deployed somewhere in Iraq that I'm proud to support as best as I can. Sending care parcels when I can afford it, and I send Letters to them every week.  I'm trying to get some British Serving Servicemen/women so I can support them with Mail, care parcels etc, too.   I love chatting with old and new friends on the net, the 'old-fashioned' way of pen to paper, or on the phone (It's not the first time my friend and I have talked the acid out of her home phone battery and we only live 20 mins away from each other!! Lol.)

Hi everyone this is Lauren...I am a 24 yr old mother of 3 (if you count my My hubby is 26 and  a Marine Vet who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. My hubby suffers from ptsd although he will never admit it. We live in New york with our 2 children, Noelia who is 3 1/2 and Athena Marie who is 9 months. Noelia is not my hubby's biologically however you could not convince him otherwise. So i guess in that sense I am blessed to have such a wonderful man. I am currently a stay at home mom who cant wait to get back to work, I love my kids but im not such a big fan of Dora and Blue's Clues. I look forward to getting to know all of you individually

Much Love


I am 59 years young, have one 24 year old divorced daughter and 2 toddler grandsons. I was married twice and my first husband (Ronnie Hacker, Army) was KIA in Vietnam in  April, 1969.  I was born and raised in Ohio, moved to CA with my second husband in 1974, and just moved to NE PA last year. 
I now belong to Gold Star Wives, Friends of the Forgotten (a group that focuses on awareness of the POW/MIA), Patriot Guard, and Warriors Watch Riders (even though I don't have a bike...I do have a really cool 2004 Army replica Jeep Willy that I use for the rides).   I used to be a member of TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) in San Diego, until they shut down because not enough Survivors seemed to have an interest.  I have also volunteered at The Wall in DC...(reading of the names), and at the Moving Wall. 
I've had a few military men in my life, although I never served.  In addition to being a military spouse/widow, my dad was in the Marines at Iwo Jima, and my daughter's father was also a Marine and Vietnam disabled veteran. Darelynn

William W Armstrong Jr, 47, U S Navy Aviation Storekeeper 2nd Class (Enlisted Air Warfare Specialist) 81-93.  U S Army with the following MOS’s, 13F20 (Forward Observer, Colt Team Leader), 31R30 (Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator) and 11B30 (Infantry Squad Leader, Light) 94-06.  Two combat tours, Gulf War I (USN) Strike Fighter Squadron Fifteen-USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71, Gulf War II (USA) 3rd Infantry Division, Invasion Force.  Medical Board by the USA and received Disability Severance Pay with a 0% rating after 24 years of service.  100% Permanent and Total VA.  Widower with one child who is my life, Olivia (7).  She is my main priority and when she isn’t keeping me busy, I work with Veterans to help them get their benefits.  Consider myself a Veterans advocate, very active in politics and concerned about the slow dismantling of my country by politicians and being overrun with illegal immigrants.  Very vocal, have an opinion on everything and always open to suggestions.