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Tribute To Our Angel Kat

Kat Baker

September 13th, 2007


She came into our lives and graced us with her humor, caring and compassion.  She gently left, all too soon....... leaving her footprints on our hearts.

To know Kat is to love her.  Wife, mother and friend.  She touched our lives in a special way.


Our Lord called Kat home to free her of her pain,  We are saddened yet grateful.

I know she is wearing angel wings, a beautiful, shiny halo and is smiling down on us as she is greeted

 by those that met her at heavens gate.



A Friend Like You

How did I get so lucky to find a friend like you?
One who's always there, in good times and in bad,
Who stands with me against the world in
Happy times as well as sad.

One who's always close; one who's always there for me.
One who takes my side, whether I am right or wrong.
One who always calls to share,
A thought, a book, or song.

What words can thank you for always standing by my side?
You've been there to share my laughter,
And been there when I've cried.
I don't have words enough to say:
Thank you so much for being my friend.
And sharing your world with me
Each and every day.


 We  seemed to connect as soon as we met times, we discussed things seriously; but most times it was the kidding and teasing that we enjoyed. We were so secure in our connection that calling each other funny names, like Brit Brat and Twit, didn't hurt at all.....the names made us laugh like we didn't have good sense!
  In our weekly talks, (sometimes every day talks!), we'd solve the problems of the world, settle the religion questions, discuss politics and how we'd 'fix' them, then go on to TV shows and then to our personal lives.  It was during the personal talks that we learned just how close our connection was!
  From comparing our childhood years to teenage trials, to medical issues, to incidents in our present day lives,  we'd both end up with goose pimples and hair standing on end!  The similarities and parallels in our lives.....even though we grew up thousands of miles apart.....were mind-blowing.  We both felt these parallels were more than just coincidence; that we must have been sisters in a previous life.   We'd have the same thought at the same time, and our friendship went soul-deep.
   When we were lucky enough to actually meet in person last February,  there were only a few seconds of discomfort, as most of us feel at meeting a 'new' person.  From that point on, our time together was as easy as our online and phone friendship was, and we talked, laughed, teased and enjoyed each other's company immensely. 
   I'm so grateful that we had those few days together, and it only strengthened the bond that was between us.  I sincerely miss our emails and phone calls, and regret that we couldn't have had more time together.
  You'll always be in my mind and in a special place in my heart, dear Brit Brat.  I loved and still love my soul sister.
Biggest hugs,



We will miss you Kat.  Our most sincere condolences to Ron, your loved ones and to your many friends that have been blessed to have known you.

May you rest in peace dear Kat.....Until we meet again.  Amen