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Veterans, Wives & Families

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While the actual vetsunited web site will be, or is closing I have tried to continue on with some of the info that Lady Jo and Ms Bev have so tireless and un-selfishly  provided in support of the Veterans, Wives and Families.
Now this may not have all the info that Lady Jo had but I will do as I can.

This site is for all Military past, present and future.  For 

their families and friends.... and those who care about them.

We are here to acknowledge and honor the men and women who

 fought so bravely to secure our freedom! To show respect 

and appreciation for those that continue to do so.

Freedom came with a large price. It wasn't free then and still 

isn't. Many wars have been fought over hundreds of years....lives

 have been lost. When the wars ended for many of these heroes 

another hell at home began, in some cases, many years later.

For our military it was a time that duty called these young

men and women, most of them just out of high school. 

They rallied, they fought side by side giving our country 

their best whether home or abroad.. Who are the winners? 

There were none. There are thousands upon thousands 

in our cemeteries ...many on foreign soil, casualties of war.

 Some returned as strangers with broken bodies and spirits. 

Never again to return to the life left behind.

Vietnam veterans weren't welcomed home with parades as

 in other wars. Instead they were often times treated as 

outcasts, insulted and mistreated. Not only by protestors

 of that war but by our own government that turned their 

back on them, having promised to support them and 

medically treat them for the rest of their lives. This has left 

many veterans fragile, sick from chemicals used to spray 

vegetation in the jungles. Alive? Yes alive but unable to find closure 

Some neglected still today by our government who is not 

      responding to their needs in a timely way. or not at all. This site

        is for them and the friends and families that share their 

hardships. To support and learn from them is our mission and

in some small way to show our gratitude. To listen, should 

they want to unburden themselves of the nightmares 

due to horrors  we can not imagine.  

We must never forget the MIA'S or the POW'S

unaccounted for and bring them home. It is my hope to

bridge the gap in understanding, to learn and make

   our young people today better informed.  We proudly salute and

 honor all military, past, present and future.


Without our veterans and active duty military, life would

         be quite different. We owe them for our freedom!